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Symposium on Multilingual Education in Bangladesh

DALLAS, TEXAS (August 25, 2005) Representatives from ethnolinguistic communities in Bangladesh, in partnership with non-government organizations and intergovernmental organizations, recently met for a Symposium on Multilingual Education. The symposium provided a forum in which local development and education practitioners and others could interact. A number of language communities around Asia are establishing multilingual education (MLE) programs to help develop and protect local languages and cultures. As a result, education, national integration and continued cultural vibrancy are improving for them.

Main topics of discussion

The symposium reports emphasized that the most successful MLE programs are those applied within a political climate that recognizes and supports the full and equal rights of ethnic minority communities, including the right to quality education. The program’s sustainability, it was said, rests on the ability of the stakeholder groups to work together to support the programs.


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